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   Tuesday, February 28
02/26/2017 2017 - Unofficial Final Open Results

02/18/2017 2017 - Official Youth Final Results

02/018/2017 2017 - Official Women's Final Results

  Recent Women's High Games
2/23/2017Pine Island Pool & PinsShannon Geisinger 241568   
2/22/2017Colonial LanesBarb Ulrich 235641   
2/22/2017BowlocityJoleen Carlson 213575   
2/22/2017Colonial LanesLaura Golish211472   
2/22/2017Colonial LanesLori Blake 233538   
2/22/2017Colonial LanesMary Horstmann 224, 214610   
2/22/2017Pine Island Pool & PinsRachel Clementson 242603   
2/20/2017Colonial LanesNicki Novotne 233565   
2/20/2017Pine Island Pool & PinsTasha M. Murray227585   
2/15/2017Pine Island Pool & PinsRachel Clementson211, 254668   
  Recent Men's High Games
2/23/2017Colonial LanesChris Smiley 279692   
2/23/2017Pine Island Pool & PinsDarik Rude275667   
2/23/2017Colonial LanesMeredith Pater 265647   
2/23/2017Colonial LanesMike Pearse278719   
2/23/2017Colonial LanesTodd Hanson 266658   
2/22/2017BowlocityDean M. Pankow279756   
2/22/2017BowlocityGregg R. Stricke278687   
2/20/2017Colonial LanesAaron Littlefield289, 267800   
2/20/2017Colonial LanesDan Hasley267685   
2/20/2017Colonial LanesDean Ingram268626   
2/20/2017Byron LanesJames (jay) Orr278695   
2/20/2017Byron LanesJeffrey Green265736   
2/20/2017Pine Island Pool & PinsPhil M. Lien269683   
2/16/2017BowlocityCory Schlenker261601   
2/16/2017Colonial LanesJohn Maudsley 268681   
2/16/2017Colonial LanesJohn Meitzner 269637   
2/16/2017Stewartville BowlNoah Johnson300761   
2/16/2017Colonial LanesRobert Downer268730   
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