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   Saturday, November 18
11/10/2017 Southeast MN Youth Doubles & Singles Tournament
November 18-19, 2017
Registration Form
Scotch Doubles Tournament
Bowlocity Entertainment Center
Rochester, MN
Sunday November 12th, 11:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.
A donation will be made to the Eagles Cancer Telethon in January 2018.
$40.00 per team of two adults male or female. Registration Form
10/23/2017 Women's City Tournment - February 10th & 11th
SEMNUSBC Open - February 17th & 18th and 24th & 25th

Note: Entry forms available after January 1st.
  Recent Women's High Games
11/15/2017Colonial LanesBarbv Ulrich 243606   
11/15/2017Colonial LanesJaime Smoody 579   
11/14/2017Colonial LanesElaine Torkelson 236576   
11/13/2017Colonial LanesKrista Jansen 212581   
11/13/2017Bowlocity Stacy Knatcal279673   
  Recent Men's High Games
11/15/2017BowlocityBrady D. Turk296, 264747   
11/15/2017BowlocityBrandon Henderson279761   
11/15/2017BowlocityDavid R. Zemke290738   
11/15/2017BowlocityMike J. Boehm284637   
11/15/2017BowlocityPatrick J. Fitzgerald286634   
11/15/2017BowlocityPhil R. Murphy276746   
11/14/2017Pine Island Pool & PinsRick Kunz280695   
11/14/2017SandbaggesrWillie Thomas278650   
11/13/2017Colonial LanesLeon Keeton 265616   
11/13/2017SandbaggersMichael Axtman277668   
11/9/2017Colonial LanesDoug Schweiger267684   
11/9/2017Colonial LanesScott Davis267693   
11/8/2017BowlocityGregg R. Stricke268641   
11/8/2017BowlocityJeff A. Martinson266689   
11/8/2017BowlocityMichael G. Week267776   
11/7/2017Pine Island Pool & PinsAdam Jackson289712   
11/7/2017SandbaggesrBrandon Trom267705   
11/6/2017Colonial LanesAaron Littlefield277, 260734   
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