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   Wednesday, February 10
02/19/2014 2016 Women's Unofficial Standings

01/07/2016 2016 Youth Tournament Application

01/15/2016 2016 Open Tournament

  Recent Women's High Games
2/8/2016Colonial LanesNicki Novotne218, 215609   
2/4/2016Colonial LanesBarb Ulrich247618   
2/4/2016Byron LanesDeb Ruport 223554   
2/4/2016Colonial LanesElaine Torkelson236588   
2/4/2016Colonial LanesMary Horstmann 210, 222631   
2/3/2016Travel LanesDeb Kiefer212551   
2/3/2016Colonial LanesMary Horstmann210567   
2/1/2016Bowlocity Carol Hanson233585   
2/1/2016BowlocityKathy Betz215, 212606   
2/1/2016Bowlocity Kim Davis213, 211615   
2/1/2016Bowlocity Susan Krueger216, 213631   
  Recent Men's High Games
2/8/2016Colonial LanesGreg Wilson 277674   
2/8/2016Byron LanesJason Wilker277590   
2/8/2016Colonial LanesMarshall Engholm 279598   
2/8/2016Byron LanesMitchell Narveson272610   
2/8/2016Colonial LanesPhil Jacobson 280715   
2/8/2016Byron LanesTimothy Liepold268639   
2/5/2016Travel LanesMike Norby279, 299816   
2/4/2016Travel LanesBrandon Gronwoldt278748   
2/4/2016Travel LanesLarry Wolfe268699   
2/4/2016Pine Island Pool & PinsRonald Nelson279695   
2/3/2016Travel LanesBrandon Gronwoldt290, 267716   
2/3/2016Stewartville BowlTodd Mallan278666   
2/2/2016Travel LanesDana Riedemann268702   
2/2/2016Travel LanesJim Gronwoldt267685   
2/2/2016Travel LanesKenny Kling269697   
2/1/2016Bowlocity Entertainment Lance Albrecht300802   
1/29/2016Travel LanesMike Norby268753   
1/28/2016Colonial LanesAaron Freeman 267648   
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